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IMCF Co., Ltd. (herein after “Company”) will properly use, protect and manage the personal information of customers acquired by using the services.

1. Definition of personal information
The term "Personal Information" means information about a living individual which can be used to identify that specific individual due to its inclusion of a name, date of birth, or other such information which includes any information that can be easily cross-checked against other information and thereby used to identify that specific individual.
2. Collection of personal information
We may collect your personal information when you purchase products or make an inquiry.
When we ask for your personal information, we will provide a clear explanation of how the personal information will be used. Moreover, this personal information will only be acquired by legal and ethical means.
The personal information that we collect is the following:

A. Name
B. Address
C. Phone number
D. E-mail address
E. Password
F. Information of shipping address
G. History and contents of transaction with the store
H. Information that specify individuals by combining the above information
3. Use of personal information
Purposes to use the personal information by the company is the following:

A. For the user to provide the desired information at the time of registration.
B. In order to conduct operation related process of shipping and application of products.
C. In order to conduct operation related dispatch of gifts to the winners and process of application.
D. To provide information on various services such as brands, products, store, various preferential measures, events, point services (such as advertisement by mail, flyer, catalog, and other brochures etc.
E. To conduct a questionnaire survey.
F. When shipping products for mail order, payment settlement, confirmation and inform of the shipment.
G. For improvements or research request on development of products, marketing, customization, sales promotion and service improvement etc.
H. For identity verification and authentication service.
I. When necessary to contact in relation to the above.

The company shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without notice to the customer except in the following cases.

A. Cases based on laws and regulations, which the provision of personal data is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a local government, or an individual or a business operator entrusted by one in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations.
B. Cases in which there is a need to protect a human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain a principal's consent.
C. When exchanging of personal data between affiliated company and the managing company.
4. Use of SSL
When entering personal information, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for the purpose of securing security, in order to prevent this information from being intercepted, disturbed or falsified.
* SSL is a function to prevent eavesdropping and prevent data tampering by encrypting information. By using SSL, it becomes possible to send information more safely.
5. Implementation of advertisement using visit and action history information
We use the advertisement distribution service (retarding function) to distribute our company products etc. notice (advertisement) to people who visited this site in the past, as well as various sites on the Internet. In this advertisement service, cookie is used to automatically obtain the visit history information of this site, but there is no information that can identify individuals.

If you do not wish to receive such notice (advertisement), please visit the following page and disable the use of each cookie. However, if you change browser, delete cookie and change to new device, you will need to set the setting.
Google opt out (Cookie disabled) page (Ads Preferences Manager)
Yahoo! opt-out (invalidate cookie) page
6. Contact Us
IMCF Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-22-2, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: + 81-3-6809-0080
7. Change of privacy policy
When changes of personal information occur, we will post any privacy policy changes on this page regarding the purpose of use or other changes.